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Online Marketing Strategy..

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The beauty of Internet advertising is that your new clients find YOU! When someone types in a keyword or key phrase that pertains to your industry or business, your site should come up on the first page. Most people do not search past page two. How do you get there?

Appeal Media leverages all your marketing channels by researching your target audience and communicating your brand's message while, at the same time, measuring and optimizing the advertising strategy to ensure complete effectiveness.

We offer a number of Internet Marketing Services from basic search engine submission, to full search engine optimization (SEO), Link Popularity, keyword analysis, and pay for inclusion management and pay per click campaign management, ongoing online analysis and optimization.

Many have heard these terms regarding Internet marketing. But what do they mean? We have broken down some of these terms to better help you understand how these truly unique methods have helped many, many clients grow dramatically.

Internet Marketing & Website Optimization..

We offer the following services to bring many new visitors to your site every day! After all, what good does a beautiful web site do you if no one can find you?

  • Boost your brand to compete online as well as off.
  • Optimize the user experience to help increase conversions and make your marketing efforts more effective.
  • Redesign your existing web site to comply with W3C standards and search engine requirements. Because we are a "search engine friendly designer" we ensure that all designs comply with search engine optimization "best practices".
  • Create a website with a more responsive design that will boost site "re-visits" and enhance useability, making your site more productive for the end user.
  • Build Content Managed Sites which are "easy to use" CMS enabled websites with robust backends that have the capability to support large scaleable sites, e-commerce storefronts and rich media websites.

High Performance Internet Marketing Services..

Internet Marketing Objectives:

We work with you to determine your internet marketing goals. We concentrate on the target audience within your industry and make sure your site leads visitors to the goal of your website.

Search engine optimization:

SEO consists of two parts that combine to provide the best strategy for online success:

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Onsite Optimization:

Your site needs to be prepared for the world to see. The search engines need to know exactly where you are coming from and search engine optimization is the answer. Your site needs proper title tags, description tags, and content that shout out to your target audience. We work with you to determine the best key phrases and setup all factors to insure a solid foundation on the web. This includes setting up Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, an XML sitemap, and much more.

Link Acquisition:

Now that your site is fully optimized for the search engines, we need to spread the word through link building. We build links based on your site's industry; connecting to blogs, forums, articles, press releases, and much more.

Search engines recognize links as recommendations to your site and this helps boost your search engine rankings. Link building is ongoing; each month we provide high-quality links to your website for improved visibility. Each month we provide you with a thorough ranking and traffic report to keep us on the right path toward success.

Pay Per Click

Search engine optimization takes time, typically 3 to 6 months. If you are looking for immediate results, then pay per click is your solution. These are the listings at the top and right of the search engine pages. The problem is that you can easily spend a lot of money in a very short period of time if you are not careful. You need a professional and that is where Appeal Media comes in the picture. We know how to avoid the pitfalls of unnecessary spending while still providing a successful campaign. Our strategy concentrates on spending less on high-dollar key words and more on long tail key phrases. Additionally we avoid irrelevant key phrases that can waste away your budget. Finally we provide accurate reporting so you always know what is happening with your campaign.


Social Media Marketing:

If you want to generate a buzz and get people talking about your product or service, then you need Social Media. There are so many avenues to make your voice heard including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more.

Online Brand Reputation Management

Online reputation management became necessary with the advent of social networks, online forums, blogs and other forms of online communication and information sharing. But since current laws are insufficient to prevent total strangers from damaging your online reputation or harvesting your private information, online reputation management is now critical. has provided online reputation management and Internet privacy protection to clients in more than 100 countries since 2006.

Internet Marketing Terms We Use

Marketing Analytics

We begin by thoroughly analyzing each marketing objective to create a customized ranking approach to position your site. This will assist in the success of your campaign to help your company rank as high as possible in the natural search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Once we have established a marketing objective for your company, we can optimize your site, including content and coding to help you achieve, not only a higher click-through rate but turn those visitors into buyers. Because we understand the complex ranking criteria used by search engines, and the advertising methods to attract buyers, we are better equipped to help your site produce more relevant results. We tailor search engine optimization programs for individual sites and marketing budgets.

Search Engine Submission

It used to be that search engine submission to the top few search engines was all you needed to advertise your site. But recently search engine indexes have grown to more than 8 billion web pages, making it much more difficult to guarantee you a high organic listing. Our search engine submission strategy is to get your site listed where it really counts, on as many key search engines and directories as possible. In order to get the best results we hand submit to these key engines and directories.

Keyword Analysis and Phrase Structure

We begin by researching which keywords your potential clients are using to find your competitors. These keywords and key phrases are then optimized and added to your web site This in turn will attract more visitors to your site using the most popular search terms.

Pay For Inclusion (PFI) Management

Pay For Inclusion (PFI) is a market segment that is a large part of Internet Marketing. Many major directories and top industry portals are now charging either a fixed fee for inclusion or an ongoing yearly charge. Usually with a Pay For Inclusion campaign your site can be added to search results within 48 hours.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click advertising is the easiest and fastest method of marketing your site, especially if you want to get ranked high and fast. However, it can also be very costly if not handled correctly. This is why we closely monitor your campaign and make constant adjustments so that your marketing investment is used to its fullest potential.