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Blogging Benefits and Helpful Tips

John shares with you his insights on why blogging is so important
by John Phelan

SAN diego, CA (Jan 15, 2013) – Over the past ten years blogging has become an integral part of social media. It is an extremely valuable tool to have for every business. Blogging is a way for you to communicate with your clients about new products, services or promotions. It can also be a source for the latest industry news. It helps put a face to your company and provides an avenue for questions your visitors may have. Here we will discuss some basic blogging tips, why blogging is beneficial, and show you a couple of good sources to get your ideas.

Interact with your clients

Your blog is the voice of your company. You want to provide answers about your product, or solutions to issues consumers may have. Interact with your visitors by responding to the comments they make with comments of your own. You can also ask a question as a blog entry to elicit responses from viewers. Interaction with you and other people who comment keeps them interested and coming back.

Keep it fresh

Make sure your blog is constantly being updated. Plan on writing at least once a week and include interesting, thought-provoking topics. (If you have trouble, don't worry; we have some tips at the end of this article). Try and keep your entries related to your industry. If you stray into other areas you risk losing some of your audience. Please include photos and videos in your entries. You don't have to do this for each entry. Just remember we want to excite our viewers and get them to come back.

Advantages of an Onsite Blog

Aside from discussing your latest product or company news, there are a couple of reasons why you want an onsite blog. Search engines love fresh content and blogs are a perfect to provide this. If you are constantly providing new content to your website, the search engines will visit your site more often. This could mean significant gains in search engine rankings. The other real advantage of having an onsite blog is the visitors are already at the place of business, or at the company that might need your services when they are reading your entries. It is likely when they are finished reading your latest topic, they will browse your website to see what you have to offer.

Advantages of an Offsite Blog

Several offsite blog companies have been around for some time. These blogs have established URLs that generate fantastic rankings. If you have a blog on these sites, your chances of being seen are greatly increased. is my favorite because Google owns it. Whenever you post a blog entry, its entered into Google's search engine rather quickly. Another exciting advantage is that many of these offsite blogs provide exceptional tools to easily promote your blog. By using widgets for Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, and more you can quickly spread the word about your latest entry.

Bonus: As promised here are a couple great sources for you: Keyword Research Tools:

These tools provide you with information on key phrases, including search variations and quantity of searches. Sometimes these key phrases are searched by through direct questions. For example, "how fast can a man run?" was searched several hundred times over the past months. If that is related to your industry, then right about it. You can even use that search as the title of your blog entry. There are several free key phrase tools out there. Check out and (I believe you have to be a member to use this one, but it's free).

Google Alerts:

I love this tool. It is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is type in a topic; choose amongst 5 sources including latest news or other blogs; plug in your email; and decide how often you would like the information sent to you. Now you'll get the latest news in your industry sent right to your email. You can easily talk about these newsworthy stories and add in your 2 cents. Plus, you become the source of information for your visitors. Its at


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