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Really, what are the benefits of Twitter for my company?

John takes a closer look at Twitter and is it really that important for your website?
John by John Phelan

SAN diego, CA (May 12, 2013) – Most people say they don't get Twitter. Why would anyone want to hear about my day-to-day events? This is a very common question and the answer is simple; they don't. Twitter isn't about what you had for breakfast, or what big deal you closed this afternoon. It's about offering your clients something valuable in real-time. First of all, for those who do not already know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site boasting over 20 million members. Each account allows you to add friends and gain followers. If you have followers, you have an audience that will receive your messages (known as tweets). These tweets are posted in an archive on your Twitter page for anyone to view. Ok, now that we have a basic idea of what Twitter is, let's discuss three ways this tool can work for your business.

1. As a liaison between you and your clients (or potential clients): Read more:

This is a particularly good idea for medium to large corporations since customers basically see them as faceless businesses with no real insight of what consumers want. It's about interaction here. You can ask your clients about your new product or service and let them tell you what they like and dislike about it. It is important that you respond to your followers. These interactions are often re-tweeted (re-posted on other Twitter accounts) and can spread like wildfire. There are several examples where thousands of tweets are spread from a single message.

2. As a mailing list:

Imagine you are a company that wants to relay some exciting information about a new product or service. Your followers act as a real-time mailing list. Since Twitter gives your followers the opportunity to receive instant tweet texts right from their phone, clients can receive your product updates immediately. You can do promotions, contests, surveys, and much more. This is extremely valuable for ecommerce websites, such as companies who sell several products.

3. As a news or tip feed:

Do you know that Twitter accounts can be set up on RSS feeds? This means followers who deem your content valuable will set up this feed (i.e. They no longer go to you for information; your information will come to them! Here is a good strategy: In between tidbits of valuable information, post news events, and promos about your company. If you have valuable, useful content, people will add you to their RSS reader.


Twitter acts as a real-time search engine. When you post a tweet, it shows up in the extremely powerful Twitter search. So you don't necessarily have to have a large group of followers to get the message out there. Oh, and please, avoid spamming your followers with the same promo every five minutes. You will lose a lot followers this way. Now that you know what Twitter is all about get out there and tweet!

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