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Free Energy?

Adrienne breaks the law of physics.
by Adrienne Birge-Wilson

SAN diego, CA (Jan 20, 2013) – With technology come cords. With cords comes dependence on electricity and the utility companies that monopolize our energy supply. It has been this way since the dawn of the modern electric utility in the 1880's. To the modern brain the concept of free energy, on a large scale, is ludicrous if not highly improbable. An Irish company called Steorn has claimed to have designed a way to create energy. This has provoked this resurgence in thought on this matter. This is not energy conversion, per se, as in solar power or wind power. They claim to have broken one of the core law's of physics, the law of conservation of energy. The thought of creating energy out of thin air is not a new claim however. The roots can be traced all the way back to the very days of Edison, with the revolutionary intellectual, Nicola Tesla.

Radient Energy is discovered

Tesla discovered a thing called radiant energy. Tesla was a contemporary of Thomas Edison and was actually hired by him to work for his electric company. Tesla was the guy who discovered radio as well as laid the foundation for AC (alternating current) power, which we use today instead of DC (direct current). In his patent for the "free energy receiver" Tesla says the energy is from "the sun, as well as other sources for radiant energy, like cosmic rays". Tesla was not using traditional solar power but tapping into the very electro magnetic variants that exist naturally in the Earth and the effect of sun and cosmic rays on these charges. Cosmic ray is a deceptive term; it is actually more cosmic particles coming in from the farthest reaches of space, even beyond the sun. Tesla created a machine to accumulate and harness this radiant energy but he did not get to implement this technology on a large scale during his lifetime so it exists today in theory only, far from the minds of the public. If his idea were put into practice today we would have power towers transmitting free energy like radio waves.

Steorn creates a stir..

Back to present day this little company called Steorn is creating a huge stir in the scientific and technological communities. Steorn was started in 2004 as a "specialist service company providing program management and technical assessment advice for European companies engaging in e-commerce projects". (Wikipedia 2007) They have only recently gained the attention of the masses with the introduction of Orbo, the perpetual motion machine. It is magnetically driven. On their website they say this technology supplies "free, clean, and constant energy". By free they mean "the energy is done so without recourse to external sources". Clean means "no emissions during operation". Constant means, "with the exception of mechanical failure the technology will continue to work indefinitely". (Steorn 2007) This is a hefty claim since the very definition of their claim directly opposes the energy law of physics stating that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Sean McCarthy of Steorn explains Orbo further, "What we have developed is a way to construct magnetic fields, starting and stopping at the same position, you have gained energy...The energy isn't being converted from any other source such as the energy within the magnet. It's literally being created. Once the technology operates it provides a constant stream of clean energy". (Wikipedia 2007)

So Steorn claims to be sitting on the biggest thing since sliced bread and we are supposed to take their word for it? Actually, they are in the midst of something they call the validation process. In late 2006 Steorn issued a challenge to scientists worldwide to test their technology. They were so serious about this that they even took out a full-page ad in Economist Magazine! After rigorous testing, and hopefully, validation by the scientists it will be open for the development community.

We are obviously still waiting for this futuristic technology to come out. The implications of this are monumental. What types of machinery and technologies could be powered by Orbo? The possibilities reach as far as the imagination. So what if Steorn is breaking the laws of physics! The real question is will it lower my bills?


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