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Our Approach..

User focus is at the forefront of our methodology

The web has grown to a new generation site architecture where web development has become more innovative, intuitive and technologically better. From concept to delivery, the creation of new media websites has become a detailed process in which thorough planning and structured steps are needed to build effective sites. Below will show you some of the steps we take to build our sites.

The steps we take to better design:

Client Briefing

One of the fundamental steps to producing an effective product is the client briefing which is done either in person or by phone depending on locality. This is where we gather as much information (ideas, needs and desires) as possible to ensure the success of the project. This is also when we will help the client by making suggestions and taking their ideas to develop something visual.

Defining the project

Definition is essential to the success of the project. This is usually done as a document or a "requirements statement" outlining what the site will do and how it will accomplish its objectives. It will also help define the sites technical and creative requirements and help clarify the parameters of the project. This document will also help the developer maintain a proper focus of the clients objectives.


This is where we learn your business, your competition and your target audience. Taking that information and researching what works and what doesn't to increase profits and produce a more effective site. Taking this approach helps us to keep your site clean and free of clutter that distorts the focus of your site and helps the visitor to have a more pleasant experience.

Project Overview

Once we have defined the objectives and developed a creative and technical direction we then begin on bringing the site to life.

Design and development

With a good plan in place, the Art Director and Project Manager coordinate with design and production teams to put all of the ideas and strategies together to create the site. Along with the copyist, the design and development team all work together to produce a powerful design and well functioning site to bring optimum results.


Once the site is finished we put it through rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and usability. Does the user have to think their way through the site or is the site intuitive enough to be used seamlessly? This is what we test for. Using different control groups for testing, we have the site displayed on different platforms using many different scenarios. From the data we collect we are able to more accurately predict what course of action the user will take to ensure a pleasant and seamless operation.


A site will never be seen unless it is promoted. After the site is up we begin by thoroughly analyzing each marketing objective to create a customized ranking approach to position your site. This will assist in the success of your campaign to help your company rank as high as possible. We will then recommend a website marketing plan to fit your type of business. This may involve targeted search engine marketing, viral marketing campaigns and online or offline advertising to make the site popular and to keep a steady flow of traffic to the site.
See more information on what type of marketing methods we use to make your company successful on the web.

Keeping things fresh

People always want to see something new. Once the site is up and running it is important to keep the content fresh and the look and feel of the site up to date. We also ensure that the site is always functioning properly. We are always working behind the scenes taking the client's suggestions and implementing our expertise to ensure the site is always at its best.

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